A headshot of Yaswant Devarakonda.

About Me

After earning my PhD in Astronomy from Texas A&M University, I moved over to the world of science policy.

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A picture of Yaswant standing in front of a research poster.


While I am no longer doing active research, I continue to collaborate with others to study the properties of Type Ia Supernovae in the UV. I've previously worked on a variety of projects, including cosmology, galaxy evolution, SMBHs, instrumentation, exoplanets, and flare stars.

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A picture of Yaswant at an elementary school science event.


I have extensive teaching experience in undergraduate astronomy courses. I have taught and/or assisted in lecture based, lab based, and online based courses. I am also certified at the associate level by the Center for the Integration of Research and Learning (CIRTL).

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A picture of Yaswant in an astronaut cosstume.

Outreach and Science Communication

I've participated in and organized a substantial amount of outreach activities, aimed at all age ranges and with many different organizations. I've also taken an active role in many universty organizations, providing support to the local graduate student community.

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