"Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theatre." – Gail Goldwin

A screenshot of Yaswant teaching a virtual astronomy course.

Lectures and Labs

Right now, I am the instructor of record for the Observational Astronomy course (ASTR 102) at Texas A&M, an introductory course aimed at non-STEM majors. Normally the class is a lab based course, and students learn how to operate telescopes and use their observations to study the universe, much in the way a profesional astronomer would. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I pivoted the course to an online only and later a hy-flex format, with recorded lectures, weekly assignments, and opportunities for the students to reflect on their learning and perform their own research.

Previously at Texas A&M, I taught the lab sections for the Overview of Modern Astronomy course (ASTR 111). This was an introductory course aimed at non-STEM majors. I led the students in lectures and discussions over various topics in astronomy, oversaw simple experiments performed by the students, and helped develop new labs and material for the course.

Assisting in Teaching

As an undergraduate at UT Austin, I worked as a TA for several courses, grading assignments, proctering exams, and holding office hours. These courses were Introduction to Astronomy (AST 301), The Lives and Deaths of Stars (AST 309N) and The Future of Humanity (AST 321).